Baby-hip dysplasia, Sonofix, Sonoguide
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hip examination by Professor Dr. Graf
Hüftuntersuchung mit Hilfe von Sono Fix, Sonoguide
Sono Fix

baby hip examination

baby hip examination by Professor Dr. Graf
In 1978 Professor Dr. Graf started to develop this ultrasonic method and its due to him that nowadays a
learnable, secure and reproducable diagnosis is available - and it is renowned worldwide
(Press article dd. 04/2008 regarding the honour received from the Austrian health ministry - German language)

The hip sonography as per the Graf-method had been established as a screening procedure for all hips of
newborn babies 1992 in Austria, 1996 in Germany and 1997 in Switzerland.

Today this general analytical diagnosis is accepted worldwide and is applied as a facultative method also
in countries as Italy, Hungary, Poland, England, France, India, Israel, Spain, Japan, China, USA, Canada,
and more.

The hip sonography as per the Graf-method has reached today such a high standard, that an incorrect
sequence of examination is no more acceptable. In order to avoid diagnosis errors it is absolutely
necessary to use the fixing bowl (Sono Fix) and a scanner head guide (Sonoguide) .

Sono Fix and Sonoguide allow a fast, simple reproducable and tilting-error-free examination.

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